• About

    As an IT Advisor, technologist, educator, and entrepreneur, I assist in the comprehension, development, and execution of technology related functions including but not limited to computer hardware/software integration, system design, and information processing.


    Accelerate with Google

    Meet The Teacher: Code Monkey

  • Logo & Graphics

    The Willie Colon III Foundation

    Website Design & Maintenenace

    Beatstro is the first Hip Hop themed restaurant in the Bronx, and the brainchild of businessmen Junior Martinez, an accomplished restaurateur and Alfredo Anguiera, a Bronx born and raised entrepreneur.

    Website Design & Maintenance

    A great Sports Bar in the heart of the Bronx located just blocks from Yankee Stadium,

    Media Company

    An online network for content creators of color.

    Institute of Just Right Technology

    The educational arm of Just Right Technology that creates immersive Computer Science experiences.

  • Services

    Technology Education/ Computer Science Consultation
    Media & Entertainment
    IT Management Consultation
    Logo Design & Graphics
    Website Builder | Maintenance
    $70.00 - $549.00
  • Let's Work Together!

    Make Technology Work For You

  • Business Focus

    Website Design & Maintenance

    Delivering monthly analytics, SEO, content creation and much more.

    Education & Development

    Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Workshops and Seminars on all things IT

    IT Management

    Technical Support for small businesses and organizations looking to scale.

    Media & Entertainment

    Video production, Photo Shoots, Technology Expos.

    Marketing & Graphics

    Logo Design, Storyboards, Signage, Digital Artifacts.

  • #MTWFY Wednesdays

    Live Streaming Every Wednesday on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!